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Eleven Amazing Psychological Help Articles Authored By Dr. Marsh, Published By wikiHow.

Vernita Marsh, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, & Speaker

Dr. Vernita Marsh is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the CEO and Founder of Dr. Vernita Marsh & Associates and The Marsh Clinics®. With over 30 years of clinical psychology experience, she specializes in relationship therapy, grief counseling, family therapy, and intimate partner abuse counseling. Dr. Marsh offers consultation for therapists, coaches, and trainees of mental health. Dr. Marsh earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University and completed both her postdoctoral and fellowship training at Harvard Medical School. She also has expertise in the area of Telehealth and has received Clinical Telehealth Health Provider Certification from Evergreen.


Popular Topics of interest include dealing with some of life's most difficult moments from dealing with death to healing from heartache.

Asking for help for life's most difficult challenges can be a daunting task. Luckily, there is advise out there from trained psychological experts who have knowledge of mental states, cognitive and emotional behavior. This article goes into depth of some of the most researched topics over the internet, as well as some of the most commonly sought after and searched questions on the web.

Topics include: How to respond to a narcissist's text, how to deal with depression, how to respond to a narcissistic accusations, how to have good mental health, how to enjoy life after 50, how to stop accusing my girlfriend of cheating, how to explain funerals to children, how to help your child when a friend dies, how to deal with the heartbreak of being the other woman, how to celebrate world mental health day at work and how to help when someone dies.

Here is a quick link to all 11 articles:

Life challenge: How to handle narcissism from other people.

Setting Boundaries With A Narcissist

Having a narcissist in your life can be draining and emotionally overwhelming. Be careful in how you respond to a narcissist. Often times is it takes patience to not react to a narcissist in pain and anger. This is not how you want to approach them. If you feel like you are truly struggling to set your boundaries. Speak with a professional trained in healing from narcissistic abuse. They can walk you through practices that build self-esteem, confidence, and strong boundaries. Consider reading the article "How to Respond to a Narcissist's Text".

Respond To A Narcissist, But How?

Narcissists have a way of threatening and wrongly accusing those that dare to set clear boundaries or speak up for themselves directly. Remember a negative reaction is what they expect! You throw them off guard when you don't respond negatively. But how do you do this? This is why many people have trouble confronting them and the problems that occur with them seem to go on. If you need some examples of healthy ways to communicate with a narcissist please read "How to Respond to Narcissist Accusations". This will change your life if you are dealing with this particular problem right now!

Major relationship problems. How to handle?

How To Over Come Cheating?

Cheating can ruin a relationship. It can be one of the top most painful things to overcome if it's ever happened to you in a relationship. This can effect men and women. People often blame themselves, but it isn't the person who got cheated on who is to blame. It's the person who should of left if they aren't loyal who is to blame. If you were in fact cheated on and you are a woman there's a great article for you to read.

The Fear Of Someone Cheating And How To Over Come?

Cheating is such a painful and awful experience to have happen to you. That is why many people fear of it ever happening, but some people take this to the extreme. Constant anxiety about your partner is not healthy either in a relationship. If you are a guy who suffers from over worrying about cheating when you know your girlfriend is not, here is a great article for you to read.

Why do I feel depressed? What does good mental health look like?

How To Deal With Depression?

There is difference between feeling sad about a situation and getting depressed. It can be hard to see the difference. If you realize you may be or are definitely suffering from depression, get help immediately. This powerful self help article goes in thorough depth of the many ways to you can treat and overcome depression. This includes; How to treat and diagnose depression, how to make lifestyle changes, how to change your behavior, how to change your negative thinking patterns and many more extremely helpful tips. I highly recommend even if you do not suffer depression to read this article anyway, as you can help someone you know. You can also benefit from these tips even you do not have any depression.

How To Enjoy Life After 50?

"Getting older is not for sissy's" as the famous saying goes. Our culture is focused and centered around youth and there is some stigma from people about age. To question yourself "How do I enjoy life after 50?" is something a lot people ask especially in more modern cultures and the Western society where media is a heavy influence.

Define Good Mental Health?

We can see some one is psychically healthy a lot easier than seeing if someone is mentally healthy. Mental health is in fact more important than psychical health as more studies show that often people who are in good mental health already practice self care psychically. Here are 4 ways you can achieve good mental health:

The struggle is real when it comes to death. How to avoid the fear around death?

Explaining death to a child can be difficult as kids will need time and special help to digest things. The best way is to be honest as possible but also allowing them to express their emotions. It is important as well to be a role model for them of what healthy grieving looks like. Read more here

How To Explain Funerals To Children?

Most people try avoid talking about death or funerals with children. Try to avoid euphemisms like "sleep" or "went away." These euphemisms might confuse children, and cause them unnecessary fear. If you feel like you struggle with this topic, you should read the full article here

Offer Your Support To Your Friends/Family When They're Dealing With the Loss Of Someone Else's Death.

Everyone dies at one point. No one is leaving Earth alive. Death is scary is to everyone. Some people deal with death differently than other's. This is especially true when they know someone who dies personally. For most people it will take time. The better the knew them or closer they were the more painful it may be. Read this article so you can show your support to someone dealing with this issue.

Celebrating World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day At Work.

Every year on October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. This article goes into some unique ideas and tips you can use to share the awareness of World Mental Health Day. Planning a live event? Or do you want to offer more awareness of the importance of mental health? This article will provide you with all the ideas you need.


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