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Meet Our Staff


​“Live your life on purpose.”  For Dr. Vernita Marsh, this is more than just a philosophy, it describes her life’s path and her vision for the future.  From an early age, she knew what she wanted, laid out a plan, and set off to achieve her goal.  Helping clients in need, training and supervising up-and-coming therapists, and managing her own business, for Vernita Marsh, this is exactly where she was meant to be.


When you meet Fellana, you are met by her warmth and inviting smile. Immediately you feel comfortable and at ease. Fellana has expertise in treating couples and individual adults and children.  Regardless whether you’re single or in a relationship, she can help you develop a satisfying intimate relationship. While Fellana works with a range of clients, she focuses on the challenges that single women of color (WOC) in the Bay Area face when approaching dating and singlehood. It can feel challenging to meet potential partners and avoid toxic relationships.


Her goal is for each partner to develop an understanding and compassion for another’s experience. This approach establishes framework in which strategies can be developed, learned, and practiced to improve communication and resolve conflict.


One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Often times we may not have a clear vision of what’s ahead of us and we may not see the end that we desire, but we still have to make a start. As we take one step at a time, each step reveals the next step, no matter how big or how small. This perspective has inspired me on numerous occasions throughout my life, and during the process, I have learned to be kind, patient, and loving to myself, while standing in faith.


Upon meeting Yvette Jackson, MS, ICADCII, AMFT, it’s hard not to notice her inviting demeanor which communicates a level of warmth, openness, and safety. As a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, she gingerly invites the broken, the wounded, and despondent to share their pain and begin their healing journey. She easily connects with her clients, while also respecting and honoring their willingness to share and seek help. Ms. Jackson’s desire is to be a vehicle to facilitate the healing process.


Growing up in a big city has allowed Karen to appreciate each person for his or her own unique qualities. Diversity, as she sees it, is not just race/ ethnicity, but a way of speaking; a way of dressing, exotic foods, and the community you come from. As a clinician, she takes into consideration the diversity of values, interaction styles, and cultural expectations. Karen’s style integrates several different perspectives to form a cohesive approach; working from a foundation that primarily consists of the theory that many of our childhood experiences leading up to adulthood shapes our personalities.


A transplant from New Jersey without the accent, Danielle is an eclectic blend of smiles, odd humor and untraditional hobbies. She is a child of nature. Someday hoping to build an Earthship home and live off the beaten trail, listening to 80’s music all day and modern dancing herself into an oblivion of sunshine. Danielle is enthusiastic about helping others discover themselves and what makes them happy. One of her favorite singers/entertainers is Janet Jackson. A recurring adage of Danielle's comes from a song that Ms. Jackson sang, “What have you done for me lately?” Danielle will often use this question when asking clients to put themselves and emotional health first—"What have you done for yourself lately?”

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"Happiness starts with a healthy mind, body and spirit."

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