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Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday with Loved Ones

Flights are booked, hotels are selling out, alternative routes are being prepared. The departments stores are becoming crowded and your inbox is filling up with sale promotions every day. That can only mean one thing, it is the Holiday Season!

During these times, families will be gathered discussing new events and catching up on popular topics such as politics, sport teams, newest trends. The personal questions are never off limits with families, questions like; “How is work going? Have you gained some weight lately? Do you remember that time (fill in with embarrassing moment),” and my favorite question of all, “How is the love life, dating anyone?” With so many different opinions gathering in one room there are sure to be a few disagreements and frustrations that may arise.

Here are our top five tips to ensure a relaxing and headache free holiday with family and friends:

1. Make Memories-

​Create your meaning and rituals. Involve the family in arts and craft projects. Try out new recipes. Create fun ways for everybody to participate in some way: sing together, play a sport or games, have people share accomplishments of the year or dreams and goals for the new year.

2. Stay clear from “Touchy Subjects”-

Avoid the family traps. When families get together, people frequently switch into family mode and with that past family hurts may resurface. So, it is important to acknowledge to yourself, and perhaps a confidant, when this happens but try not to “solve” old issues or bring up sensitive issues unless you feel certain that addressing some issues during the holiday would lead to a positive outcome. Holiday gatherings are not the time to address issues.

3. Relax and Enjoy this Time of Year-

In addition, engage in good self-care which means eating a healthy diet, getting outdoor and taking fresh clean air. Practice deep breathing techniques . Get plenty of sleep, and drink alcohol consciously. If you know your reaching your limit of intoxication, try to avoid it.

4. Don’ t Shop till You Drop-

Avoid the pressure to go shopping. A walk through a holiday decorated commercial district can be pleasurable but consumerism with its pressure to purchase gifts and artifacts can feed overall dissatisfaction with the holiday season. Because of such pressure, many people overspend and possibly have to deal financial pressures in January.

Remember that true satisfaction cannot really be bought. Instead see if you can make a change in this area: make your own decorations, spend quality time with others.Instead of buying expensive items, see if you can create a feeling of wellbeing and specialness otherwise: create a new look with existing items, learn to how to refurbish and recycle an old piece creatively.

5. Season of Giving-

And lastly, give. You can give by donating money or old clothes to your favorite charity, volunteering a few hours at a food bank, or offering your assistance at your spiritual community. This is the time of year most organizations have vast amount of events lined up to help those in need.

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