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How have our services helped you live a more balanced lifestyle?

"Psychotherapy is a powerful coping tool that has helped me learn how to restructure my thinking patterns. It has helped me talk about my true and honest feelings without being judged or shamed about my mental illness. The services provided by Dr. Marsh and Associates are supportive, helpful, and effective."


"I have had two sessions that were very helpful.  I feel that these sessions were a start to helping me to release the hurt that I am struggling with on a daily basis."  



"Yes, therapy has been extremely helpful in helping work through some things."  



"Just being able to talk to someone that is trust worthy."    



"I feel more open in the world. I am more hopeful about life and my personal future. I am more mindful of my value and my super powers!"


"You have helped us identify the ghost or toothless lions that frequently are triggered to cause confusion and uncomfortable feelings. You have helped us communicate more effectively."


"I know that I am not alone in advocating for my mental health, and getting help for my

      neurological injury"




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