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How to Receive a Massage (Scandal Style)

The weight of responsibilities and unhealed wounds can sometimes grow too heavy. If you don’t remember your strength, take a moment of rest. Inhale fully. Exhale slowly. That is what the essence of massage is. It is a letting go into nurturing in order to remember your own wisdom and courageousness. You don’t have to go looking for it. If you give yourself the quiet and the nurturing you need, it will come right up to you.

Massage works particularly well for people that need help finding quiet because as you focus on your body, you set down the other things that were to heavy to hold. Massage works on a biological level to make you feel more calm. It simultaneously works on a social level to remind you we are all connected, and that when you need support it is right there. At it’s essence, it is not about the type of massage or how fancy the venue is. It is about the ritual of walking into a room designated for your care, taking off the many hats you wear as caretaker and student and warrior and leader, trusting the person you are with, and allowing yourself to be taken care of.

That letting go is far from easy. But it is tremendously powerful and it gets easier with practice. That is part of the reason why regular massages have a cumulative effect. Receiving the benefits of rest and nurturing gets easier and lasts longer each time. Inhale fully. Exhale slowly. And remember to cultivate rest in your life to stay connected to your self.

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