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Meet Dr. Vernita Marsh

For Dr. Vernita Marsh, the joy of life is knowing you’re in the right place.

Anyone who knew Vernita Marsh growing up would describe her as maternal, but also very analytical.  Early on, friends and family could see that she just understood people.  “People have always said that I’m just easy to talk to,” she says.  “I can sit on an airplane and the person next to me will just start talking.  My friends say that there’s something written on my forehead that says I’m a therapist, and people just naturally gravitate toward me.”  So as she sat in her first psychology class in college, Vernita just knew she was in the right place.


A Working Foundation


Old-fashioned hard work is at the heart of everything this dedicated businesswoman does.  Nothing stops her from pursuing the goals she sets for herself.  From putting herself through school to earning her doctorate, or from working in one of the nation’s top-rated healthcare agencies to finally opening her own practice, Vernita sets high standards for herself and makes every effort to achieve her goals.  Whether she's authoring academic studies or mentoring and coaching new therapists, Vernita now finds new joy in helping others in her practice achieve their specific goals and dreams too.


Family Inspiration


This Michigan native credits her goal-driven focus to the strong ethics and values embodied by her parents.  It was Vernita’s father who taught her the importance of independence and hard work; an auto assembly plant worker who operated his own body shop from the family garage. . “My mother,” Vernita says, “was the one who believed in always doing your best.  She used to say, ‘whenever you do, strive for excellence or don’t do it at all.’” This consummate professional carries these lessons with her to this day. With her commitment to excellent service and uncanny ability to easily connect with people, Vernita reached new heights of professional success but looks to take her career even further.

A Motivated Spirit


In addition to her parents, there is another source of inspiration that has influenced Vernita’s success.  “I do feel like there is a source greater than myself, and that’s where I get a lot of my inner strength and being.”    In many ways, that God spirited belief in something greater drives her determination to see others succeed.  “I believe that I was created, and that we all were created for a specific purpose, a specific destiny; and that we were all created for greatness.”


Total Wellness Focus


With her unique brand of determination, energy and just plain hard work, Vernita has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the East Bay’s leading mental health professionals.  Now as the owner/founder of Dr. Vernita Marsh & Associates, she is focused on expanding our understanding of how our minds work in conjunction with the body and the spirit. “The research is overwhelming affirming that there’s a link between what happens in the body and the mind.  And western culture is finally learning what others around the world have known for centuries; that there’s much more connection between the mind, body, AND spirit.”  This “new” approach to ancient understandings brings her clients deeper, more meaningful results and life-changing outcomes that traditional therapies alone often fail to achieve.


Your Goals, Her Passion


It’s no understatement that Vernita cherishes the opportunity to create a lasting impact in the lives of others.  “I’m enjoying my life professionally.  I don’t know what’s going to be at the far end, but I feel like wherever I end up, I’m going to discover something else.  And that’s the fun part; being challenged and striving for new dimensions, new heights.”

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