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Meet Temeka Burnett, AMFT. 

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Temeka is described as a compassionate, dedicated, insightful and thoughtful clinician.  She likes to get to the heart of the matter but with gracefulness with her clients.  Many of her clients have been enamored by her relatability and her engaging style.  More importantly, clients have reported feeling heard and that their healing process was supportive with Temeka in the mix.  As a therapist with a wealth of both clinical and worldly experience, Ms. Burnett has had the privilege of working in both community-based and private practice settings. Throughout her career, she has treated individuals, couples, families, teens, and parents navigating through the struggles of caring for children with mental and behavioral challenges. Her clinical experiences presented her opportunities to work with a diverse population, providing insight into various forms of trauma and the profound impact that unresolved issues can have on relationships with others as well as with oneself.

Tameka takes much pride in addressing the BIPOC population. She has a heart to share her expertise with POC so that they can rise, be empowered, and live a better life for themselves and the community.  Tameka’s clinical interests include marital and premarital counseling, couple conflicts, trauma recovery, divorce support, parenting issues, while also addressing anxiety, depression, and trauma. Her approach to healing centers on creating a nonjudgmental and collaborative therapeutic environment, where she works together with you to identify and challenge negative internal beliefs. Collaboratively, she facilitates rewriting unpleasant narratives, fostering an opportunity to build healthier relationships with your inner-self and view the world through more positive lens. Tameka gets joy in supporting you on your healing journey. Currently Tameka is offering both in person and virtual sessions. 

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