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Meet Dr. Margarita Seley, Psy.D. 

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Down to Earth and Caribbean-Influenced Styles 


Being raised in the Midwest has given Margarita a sense of being down to earth, with a warm and caring personality. As an adoptee and previous adoption social worker, Margarita has a good instinct about how it feels to be different, and the feeling of not fitting in at times. Having been born in the beautiful Dominican Republic, Margarita has a natural attraction to nature; the calmness of ocean breezes, the warm greenness of the forest, the liveliness of Caribbean music.  She has always had an eclectic approach to therapy, discovering each individual’s unique pattern of thinking and functioning, then adapting to these patterns.  Faith and spirituality is very important to Margarita, and is mirrored by her favorite Bob Marley song lyrics, “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be alright”.

We Can All Be Champions 

There isn’t any one specific quote that informs you about her clinical work; however, Dr. Seley recalled being in a role as a child therapist, and noted a quote on the wall of a school office which caught her eye was: “Most people climb up to the top of the mountain to see the view, Champions climb up to touch the stars”.  Dr. Seley believes emphatically that “We can all be champions.” Margarita is quite experienced in working with children, adolescents, adults, and families from various cultural backgrounds addressing addictions, adjustment problems and a host of emotional issues.

She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has several years of experience working in the field of social welfare and behavioral health systems. Additionally, Margarita has extensive training and experience working with trauma and oppressed populations. Another aspect of her trauma work has involved working at the San Quentin State Prison, where she has offered group therapy and anti-violence workshops while using therapy to address their sexual abuse histories.  She also utilizes Mindfulness based techniques, such as mindful breathing and guided imagery which often alleviates anxiety and stress.  Dr. Seley has a heart for working with those with trauma, those who are adopted and working with their families, and the transitions between adoptions, birth families, and foster care.  Working with those who feel like they simply don’t belong or fit in and those of sexual trauma and oppression are also areas in which she feels impassionate.  Again, she strongly believes through the healing process that everyone can be champions no matter what their circumstances were.   


Known as a “Ann Landers” early in life 

Being both bi-cultural and bi-lingual, she understands the importance of cultural traditions and beliefs. Dr. Seley speaks both Spanish and English fluently.  She supports traditional and indigenous belief systems and is an advocate of spirituality. 


Early in life she wanted to be a nurse, until she figured out that she enjoyed listening to people and helping them solve their problems.  Her senior year of high school was spent in Quito, Ecuador where she also worked in the library and people would write her notes about their issues and problems, and “I would write back with a solution. I was known as “Ann Landers”. That was my first foray into counseling.” As an adopted only child, she developed an independent personality and took every opportunity to solve problems and see how things worked.  Dr. Seley continues to have that inquisitive nature with people, and enjoys exploring how people feel and think, and what drives and motivates them to take certain actions. 

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