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  Meet Danielle Brown, RN, BSN


"Embrace Your Individuality"

A transplant from New Jersey without the accent, Danielle is an eclectic blend of smiles, odd humor and untraditional hobbies. She is a child of nature. Someday hoping to build an Earthship home and live off the beaten trail, listening to 80’s music all day and modern dancing herself into an oblivion of sunshine. Danielle is enthusiastic about helping others discover themselves and what makes them happy. One of her favorite singers/entertainers is Janet Jackson. A recurring adage of Danielle's comes from a song that Ms. Jackson sang, “What have you done for me lately?” Danielle will often use this question when asking clients to put themselves and emotional health first—"What have you done for yourself lately?”

Aspire to be a Change Agent

Her professional background is rooted in healthcare. Danielle has been a registered nurse for 9 years and is now pursuing her Master’s degree to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Danielle has a passion for working with all people from different walks of life. She believes life is about continuously learning, understanding and evolving. In her nursing career she has traveled the world delivering care to individuals with varying medical and mental health illnesses; going as far as Sydney, Australia. She noticed in the U.S. as well as other countries that there is a great need for mental health services; especially for indigent populations. Sometimes these populations have to forgo essential medical care in order to have their very basic needs of survival met i.e. food and shelter.

Her Foundation

Currently, Danielle holds a Bachelor of Nursing in Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She will be under the guidance of the accomplished Dr. Vernita Marsh and Associates as she progresses through her practitioner degree program. Danielle believes in Dr. Marsh’s integration of the mind, body, and soul into her clinic’s purpose and vision as it works well within the same framework of holistic nursing. In practice, nurses are taught to care for the whole person rather than their separate parts promoting balance and wellness of their entire being. Holism serves as a foundation from which Danielle draws knowledge and inspiration. While at the practice, Danielle is offering individual psychotherapy for a range of mental health issues.