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Connect With & Understand Your Body

"The body is the place that memories call home."
Deepak Chopra

Working from a holistic, integrative perspective, the body is viewed as a reflection of the whole person and of all lived experiences. The body is the "home" of emotions (including the non-conscious dynamics), belief systems and spiritual expression. Many health care professionals have intuited this early on in their work and thankfully, we now have the science to better appreciate the mind body connection.


A specialized massage therapist slows the process down so you can identify and recognize patterns that are being triggered in your body. In doing so, emotional connections become apparent. This specialized bodywork invites your participation. As such, your awareness increases.

Attending to Your Body


Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascia, Tragerwork, Intuition and Reiki massage styles are available.


You will receive a grounded and nurturing touch for reconnecting somatically.  Somatic refers to the body in all its realms. A somatic approach recognizes that each body pattern is an outward manifestation of deeper mental and emotional aspects of a person.


If the movement is available, you will receive stretches that will elongate your fascial sheath allowing for deeper breathing and better posture.


In areas of tension and pain, you will receive deeper work that maintains a level of ease (so there is no tensing up and holding of the breath).


You will also experience small rocking movements - within your natural comfort range of motion - that will expand any contracted musculature allowing for postural education and ease in your body and mind.